Emergency Services in Vellore

Disaster can strike anybody, anytime and anywhere! You are the best person you can depend upon and if well prepared with important phone numbers, emergency devices and first aid training, you can save your own and your loved ones life!

Police in Vellore

Tamil Nadu Police leaves no stone unturned to maintain law and order in the city. People live amicably and have confidence on the competent police force in Vellore. Regardless of caste, creed or religion, the police carries out its duty to arrest the law breakers. They are upgraded technologically and register complaints readily.

Police in Vellore

In Vellore city, police stations are in Vellore Bazar, Vaniambadi, Walajapet, Arcot HO and Thiruppattur.

  • Police Station, Vellore South  Phone: 0416-2220002
  • Police Station Vellore North  Phone: 0416-2220021
  • Police Station Vellore Taluk  Phone: 0416-2220224
  • Police Station Arcot Town  Phone: 04172-233222
  • Police Station Sathuvachari  Phone: 0416-2252048                               

Fire Service in Vellore

Fire service can be called to report fire accidents or even for rescuing animals or people caught in distress situations. Demonstrations and seminars are also held by fire department to educate people on precautionary measures they should follow to avert fire in buildings, houses and offices.

The following phone numbers can be of help during an emergency:

  • Katpadi Road,Gudiyatham   Phone: 04171-220101
  • Arni Road,Arcot HO   Phone: 04173-235088
  • Ambur,Vellore  Phone: 04174-242101
  • Ranipet,Vellore  Phone: 04172-244845

Blood Banks/Eye Banks in Vellore

Blood banks in Vellore are in Government Hospital Vellore, Masonic Blood Bank and Red Cross in Balaji Nagar. Very advanced blood bank is CMC Blood bank in Vellore.

Schell Eye Hospital and  VP Eye Hospital in Vellore HO are eye banks in Vellore.

Ambulance Services in Vellore

Government Hospital Tirupattur in Vellore, Ramakrishna Ambulance Service, Babu Ambulance And Funeral Services Pvt. Ltd., KGS Ambulance Services are some ambulance services in Vellore city. Air ambulance services are also available in Vellore. They help in disaster management, have medical experts, aerospace medical experts and are equipped with cardiac and advanced trauma life support systems. Individuals, company, government departments and organizations can contact air ambulance aviation, among others.

Disaster Management in Vellore

Natural disasters are detrimental not only to our lives but even for our economy. Learning from small disasters can help us gain control on occurrence of big disasters or at least prepare us better to handle them instead of chaos and confusion in the last minute.There is a Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Management (CDMM) in technological institute in Vellore. Here, experts work on disaster education, training and human resource development, specialized disaster mitigation research etc.

Animal Care in Vellore

New world animal rescue in Pallikonda, Sriram traders in Arapakkam, Pet Mart in Walajapet, Annai pet clinic in Vellore HO, Aqua care in Sankaranpalayam, Vellore pet clinic in Sainathapuram are a few pet care takers in Vellore. There is no dearth of veterinary doctors in Vellore for pet treatment, vaccination and checkups.
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