Cuisine of Vellore

Food in Vellore is not only tasty but has immense nutritional value also as they use rice flour, lentils and coconut milk with essential spices such as heeng and mustard seeds which aid digestion. Such food is very light on the stomach and supplies you with essential vitamins.

And now let us talk about some spicy, delicious dishes.....cuisine of Vellore. No doubt, back home you will still remember the aroma of the tasty dishes you enjoyed with your loved ones! Do you remember the names of your favourite exquisite dishes? Oh!

People may be non-vegetarian or vegetarian here. Spices, curry leaves, mustard seeds, garlic, ginger, green cardamom, rosewater, coconut, tamarind etc. impart a distinct flavour to their cuisine. Rice and legumes are like staple diet. The Chettinad, sambar, dosa, coconut chutney, vegetarian thali with yummy upma and curd rice are some of the dishes served in Vellore restaurants. And one cannot forget the dessert 'pongal' and the delectable taste of 'south indian filtered coffee'!

Full Course Meal in Vellore
While most people eat their meals in 'thali', the traditional ones still prefer to eat on banana leaf, seated on the floor. The fingers become the spoon and lo! food is devoured in minutes! Idly, dosa, vada with sambar and rasam, curd (thayir), aval (flattened rice), Uthappam, Milagai podi, Upma, Thogaiyal, Thayir sadam (steamed rice with curd) and Sevai or Idiyappam (rice noodles made of steamed rice cakes). Some other dishes include Kottu,Koozh (porridge),puttu (steamed cakes of rice or any other flour), aviyal (vegetable stew with coconut) and Kozhukkattai (steamed cakes of rice flour).
In restaurants you may be served with Saapadu - rice with other dishes served on banana leaf. Paayasam is a sweet dish served after meals. Then you are offered 'lassi' and beetel leaves. Saapadu refers to a full course meal during lunch or dinner. Marriages solemnized in the morning, may offer virundhu saapaadu to their guests in the morning.

Idly Sambar Dish

The dishes served are slo done in a particular sequence and not any random order. Rice (choru) is served on the lower side of the banana leaf while the upper part is reserved for salt, pickle, chutney etc. The mid part may have banana chips or fried items such as papad or wafers for you. The lower right side is for sweet payasam. Rasam or may be Kuzhambu with rice is good for digestion.

You can start your meals with rice and sambar, take extra helpings and when you have rice with butter milk, anyone will know that now you are too full for any extra helping! In this region sweets are eaten first! Your meal ends with a banana. Now you can walk away chewing betel leaves and  nuts.

Dosa Sambar in Vellore

Snack items in Vellore include bhajji, chips, cutlet, murrukku, pakoda, samosa, spicy paniyaram, sundal, thattai, vadai, seedai, karapori, sevu, cutlet and biscuits.

No doubt, the most loved beverage here is coffee prepared from roasted and powdered coffee beans. There is nothing more enjoyable than a conversation with your friends while sipping tea or filtered coffee.
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