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Offering Prayers to Lord Narasimha

Prayers and belief - yes, this temple is about going up the hill at around 750 feet to offer prayers to Lord Narasimha! That's not all. This also includes climbing around 1,305 steps to reach the temple. Well, for those who are physically challenged or too old for such an adventure, there is good news. You can avail of the 'doli' service which is carried by a couple of men with the you sitting on the seat in the centre.

Temples in Vellore

Sholingur was known as Thirukkadigai in olden days as according to a legend, sage Vishwamitra worshiped Narasimha for around 45 minutes here and attained the Brahmarishi title. 'Kadigai' means approximately 45 minutes.

Arulmigu Lakshmi Narashima Swamy Thirukoil,
Sholinhur, Vellore District - 631102
Phone: 04172-262225

Legend Associated with Sholinghur Temple

Lord Narasimha is believed to be the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the Dasavathara. He slayed demon Hiranyakashipu in Narasimha avatar to protect his devotee Prahalada and then arrived on this hill to bless the saptha rishis (Vasistha, Kasyapa, Athiri, Jamadagni, Gautama,Bharathwaja and Viswamitra) busy doing penance at the Kadikachalam hill. The rishis prayed for a Kadigai (24 minutes) and were granted moksha by him and this place came to be known as Kadikachalam. 
Even Sage Viswamithra meditated here for a Kadigai and was given the title of Brahma Rishi.

About Lord Narasimhan Temple

Takkan Kulam or Brahma Tirtham is a huge tank where devotees take a bath prior to having darshan of Lord Narasimhan. Temple tower (Vimanam) is called Hemakoti Vimanam. Goddess Amirtha Valli Thayar blesses devotees with prosperity and happiness. Chaturbuja Lord Narasimha is seated in a yogic posture with Salagrama necklace. People believe that the Lord even opens his eyes during the Tamil month of Karthigai, which falls on November-December months to bless his devotees.

You can even stay on a vrath or seva for a some days which is believed to cure diseases and ward off evil spirits. The Pushkarni is believed to have medicated water which cures all diseases.

There are hundreds of monkeys as you climb the stairs and also in the temple corridors, So you need to be careful with your belongings, especially eatables.

Temple Idol

Do visit the  Hanuman or Yoga Anjaneya temple here. The Small Hill temple is the abode of Yoga Anjeneya Swami and is situated at a height of 350 feet which can be reached by climbing 406 steps. His yogic posture carrying a Sanka and Chakra and Rama Patabisheka engraved on his Krida (crown) look mesmerizing.

Important Festivals in Sholinghur Temple

Narasimha Jayanthi is the celebration of the birth of Lord Narasimha, Brahmotsavam is celebrated for ten days annually when Dwajaarohana is performed, Kalyana (Vivaha Mahotsavam) is observed in March and is known as Panguni Uthiram. The Lord is also brought back on the ninth day during the Dwajaavarohana when the flag is brought down with sannadhi for Adi Keshava in the temple.

Historical Importance of Sholingur

During the days of Cholas and Nawabs, the name Chozha Lingapuram for this temple town acquired prominence. The words Chola-linga-puram was given to it as one of the Chola kings found a natural (syambhu) lingam here and built the  Sholeswara temple.

Sir Eyre Coote fought against Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali in the Second Anglo-Mysore War in Sholingur. The burial ground of those soldiers lies near Sholinghur Bus Terminus.

Distance of Temple Town Sholinghur from Other Cities

Sholingur town under Walajapet taluk in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu is 43 kms away from Vellore and the nearest city is Chennai at a distance of 120 kms. The famous pilgrimage centre Thiruttani is 25 kms away. This temple is 28 Kms from Arakkonam (Tamil Nadu) and just two hours drive from Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh).This hill temple is situated in Kondapalyam, near Sholingur. For tourists, rooms are available at the foothills.

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